Options for “Closed Groups” with your own groups in the date and hours they wish have improved so much. We can have a suggestion according to your number of passenger from the daily tours to the ones with accommodation in the quality you request.

It is impossible to tell the opportunities, facilities and in short, the pleasure of a trip made with a clean, comfortable, trustable and accomplished personnel to those who do not know. There is no importance of the questions such as how many people there should be, which places should be seen, how much money is needed. It is possible to find our trips suitable for the number and purses of everyone. There are our guests participating in our trips all alone to rest their heads, and also those coming with a friend group of 20-24 people to rollick and realize marriage ceremony…

You can determine the route of special trips by agreeing with us. You can get benefit from our existent programs in the issue of route and make the modifications you want in them.

In the issue of the program, we also would like to express that we have had expertise in the issue of Aegean and Mediterranean to be able to suggest new places to our permanent customers wandering around every inch of Aegean and Mediterranean shores.

For your special requests, we can suggest you one or some of our trips and their certain prices together with the trip details suitable for your requests when you send us detailed information about your group and the trip you would like to have.