In accordance with the ‘Regulation on procedures and principles of execution of distant contracts’ which was published in the Official Gazette dated 13.06.2003 and numbered 25137, the obligation of drawing up contracts for sale made over internet. Contract details are as follows: 


SELLER:  (Bodrum Komfort Turizm Ltd.Şti.)
Adress: Omurça Mah.Derviş Görgün Cad.No:3/C  Bodrum /Mugla/ Turkey
Tel : +90 252 317 09 69
Fax : +90 252 313 24 25
Email :
BUYER: The address and communication information that the customers use from web site while they demand for service are based on. 
The subject of this contract is to determine rights and liabilities of the Parties in accordance with the Law on Protection of the Consumers numbered 4077 and Regulation on Procedures and Principles of Execution of Distant Contracts relating to sale and delivery of goods that the Buyer ordered in electronic environment from this web site:   belonging to the Seller, which have qualifications stated in the contract and whose sale prices were stated in the contract/service.  The Buyer accepts and declares in accordance with these contract provisions that it has knowledge about all preliminary information relating to main characteristics of the goods/services which are subject to sale, sale price, payment method and delivery conditions and about right of “withdrawal”, it confirms this preliminary information in electronic environment and that then it gave order for the goods/service. SITE USAGE CONDITIONS and TRANSFER CONDITIONS, included in payment page of this site:, are integral parts of this contract. 
Dates, included by the service demanded by the customers from this web site:, are essential. 
The service rendered by the Seller is provided as determined by the customer while demanding for service according to place of transfer. 
The delivery expenses belong to the Buyer. If the Seller declared that it shall cover the expenses of those who demanded for service over an amount exceeding the amount that it announced in its web site or that it shall do the delivery free of charge within the scope of campaign. In case costs of the goods/service are not paid for any reason or are cancelled in bank records, it is considered that the Seller gets rid of responsibility of delivery of goods/service and relevant transaction is carried out in accordance with TRANSFER CONDITIONS included in web site beforehand. 
If the right of withdrawal will be used, goods/service should not be used. Receipt should be returned. In case the relevant bank or financial institution does not pay price of goods/service because of the fact that credit card belonging to the Buyer is used by unauthorized people after delivery of goods/service unjustly or illegally in a way that not arising from mistake of the Buyer, the Buyer is obliged to send the goods/service within 3 (Three) days to the Seller provided that they are delivered to the Seller. In such case, the delivery costs belong to the Buyer. 
The sale price is as defined in the information included in introduction page of the goods/service in and in the invoice which is considered as an integral part of this contract including type, amount, brand/model, color of the goods/service and all magazines.  
Unless otherwise specified in our web page or e-mail for the purpose of conformation, all the prices in the web site of include VAT and all other taxes (provided that they will be subjected to the said taxes).
In case the Buyer shops via credit card and by installments, type of installment chosen by the Buyer from the site is valid. Payment date of the credit card is determined by the relevant provisions of the contract which was signed by the Buyer, card holder and bank. 
In our web site, only advance payment condition can be formed as a payment method in some tools. Commission deductions and their responsibilities which arise from the bank which will transfer the money belong to the Sender. 
When the Consumer demands for cancellation at least 12 hours before the service commencement, the entire service price is returned to the customer. 
In case the Consumer demands for cancellation within at least 12 hours before the service commencement, 50% of one-way service price is returned. (If two-way service price was paid, the entire return price is returned) 
These conditions do not include campaign services, early reservation or reduced reservations. Cancellation provisions are valid for date amendments carried out by the consumer. 
The Consumer accepts to comply with relevant service contract relating to the service which was bought from the agency, to respect life, goods and peace of the 3rd parties, not to get service for a valid reason and not to have any right of return. 
In case the bank or financial institution does not pay service price to the agency because of the fact that credit card belonging to the Consumer is used by unauthorized people after delivery of the service unjustly or illegally in a way that not arising from mistake of the Agency, the Consumer is responsible for the service price or arising damages. 
The Agency shall try to provide an alternative tool as soon as possible and/or otherwise give information from the moment when the Agency understood that it will not be able to carry your transfer because of the following reasons: mechanical breakdown, traffic accident, operational problems, adverse weather conditions, terrorist incidents and applications of law enforcers which will occur in the transfer vehicle and prevent that the service is started or continues.  Return of transfer price which was paid in the cases that we stated above shall be made to you continuously and/or in such case, the price difference which arises from the transport provided by the Consumer shall be paid by the Agency with its own means shall be paid to the Consumer. 
This contract shall be signed by the Parties by being arranged in 2 copies when necessary, articles of the Law on Highway Transportation numbered 4925 are applied in the disputes arising from the contract. Bodrum Courts and enforcement offices are authorized in case of disputes which will arise from this contract. I read the contract on by behalf and/or on behalf of people whom I stated and whose names are written in the reservation form, accepted and declared it. My declaration is valid in case a person carried out and/or signed reservation transaction instead of me. 
I declare that I read, understood and accepted the entire of provisions stated in pages of Web Site Distant Sale Contract and “Terms and Conditions” arranged on our behalf as consume, responsibility on the accuracy of information included in the reservation form that I sent, Law on Highway Transportation numbered 4925 and information in the web site of the Agency.